TimeWarp PlusWhat is TimeWarp Plus?

TimeWarp Plus is a K-9 summer reading intervention system for struggling readers that dramatically accelerates their reading skills. The program promotes results-driven, hands-on learning with high-interest, academically rigorous content to motivate all students to learn and improve their reading skills and strategies.

Why TimeWarp Plus?

Making the most of summer hours to improve student reading performance, TimeWarp Plus delivers:

  • Instruction in the five essential components of reading
  • Flexible class-size ratio and implementation models
  • Three to four hours of daily academic learning, totaling as many as 80 hours of instruction
  • Increased attendance in summer school
  • Carefully crafted lessons that minimize teacher preparation time Integrated online data-management system—VPORT®
  • Comprehensive teacher training and support Access to Ticket to Read®



Motivating for Every Student

Structured around fun and educational adventure-based themes, the TimeWarp Plus lessons motivate readers at every grade level. Teachers and students enjoy the refreshing format and attendance increases with reading proficiency.


TimeWarp Plus provides explicit instruction in writing and the five essential components of reading. Main features of the program include:

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